Wednesday, September 10, 2008

D&D: Riddle Me This!

Ever need a good riddle? Something not too hard, but still challenging? I was prepping a riddle-heavy session for a group that had heard every pre-made riddle under the sun. So, I decided to test their Dungeons and Dragons knowledge instead.

These were talented players who had all taken on the mantle of Dungeon Master at one point or another so each riddle dealt with a lesser-known monster in the 3.5 Monster Manual.

Can you figure them out without reaching for the book?

Straight as an arrow I fly
With wings gone every way
The storm is coming tonight
The sky is where I stay

Some say my looks are frightening
The last they hear, is lightning

What am I?

One place as home and world
One thing to guard and be
Nice gentlemen always seem
To come and help poor me

Keep the flicker away
Or face you me this day

What am I?

Keep your gold
And use it better
On tracings bold
And brushstroke letters

Keep your axe
From trees and vine
That look as like
The home of mine

I sing my song of earth and tree

Can you guess what I may be?

From the depths I rise
To feed with great surprise
A single touch from me
You'll stand still as a tree
I'll collect your skulls in pairs
To keep on mantles in my lair

What am I?

Yellow, white, green or blue
I will come in the night for you
Follow, follow me my sweet
Or feel the sting soon of my heat

What am I?

With my touch, you’re filled with light
Stay thee back or I will fight
They felt dumb when off I flew
And let them be kicked by their shoes

What am I?

From above I kill alone
Not rock or ash or lime of stone
Hold your breath, or lose it fast
As in the dark your life will pass

What am I?

No one knows where I will show
In lands of desert or of snow
Run, Fight, Talk or Trade
Into Crowds I quickly fade
When your mirror comes to live
Keeping track will headaches give
Dragons, Giants, Puppys too
What oh what will you ever do

What am I?

They say my cousins are something foul
But trees will shake with my great howl
When the snow descends on you
From leaves or brush I need to chew

You look tasty
Now your pasty

What am I?

Keep your word. Keep your law
Unless you live to die
I will search for each last flaw
And bring your deathly cry

Study those who cheat and break
Before your hit the floor
Draining life, to fuel my own
On the tip of my sword

What am I?


Catdragon said...

And the answers would be located where?

Storyteller said...

catdragon: Welcome to the blog! I haven't posted the answers yet, I was hoping some folks would take a stab at it before I released the answers.

Catdragon said...

I meant to come back and try....

1) arrowhawk
3) dryad?

the rest, i am afraid to say, are too cryptic for me. :)

Elisabeth said...

The last one is an Inevitable?

nick said...

4 Basilisk
9 Doppleganger