Thursday, September 25, 2008

D&D: Riddle Me That!

Digging for riddles? I made a previous post with a bunch of D&D monster-based riddles (which no one even tried to answer. Here are some more riddles though, some of them easier, some of them harder. Some of them much harder.

A golden head without a thought
A golden tail as well
But a body have I not
Though futures I can tell.

When Dawn breaks o’er charted hills
I lie patient at your feet
All day I follow, escapeless still
Until the high sun you do meet
Or quickly vanish gone do I
When silver moon climbs up on high.

Lie there seas with no water
Coasts with no sands
The towns hold no people
And the mountains no land

If a man were to carry my burden
It would quickly break his back
I am poor as the poorest of beggars
Yet I leave silver in my track.

You are locked in a room
With no windows or doors.
You have a table and a mirror.
How do you escape?

Try your best! Also, as I mentioned in my last post, please let me know if you're interested in any topics! I'm interested in blogging for the people, so let me know if you have any burning questions, if you'd like me to expand upon anything I've already written, or if there's a brand new topic you'd like me to discuss. You can email me at, or you can just add a comment!

Happy riddling!


Catdragon said...

1) my first thought was a coatl, but i would bet that is wrong.

2) A shadow

3) ?

4) giant snail? :)

5) ?

James said...

#1 is a coin

I believe catdragon is right on #2 & #4

If there are no windows or doors... what exactly did "they" lock for me to be locked in? hrm....

Flashman85 said...

Well, I didn't answer the monster riddles because I already answered half of them in your campaign, but I can ruin the fun for everybody if you'd like.

Ditto on #1, #2, and #4.

#3 sounds like a painting to me. The seas and coasts and mountains are made up of paint, not water and sand and land, and no people live inside a painted town.

As for #5, was "locked" the intended word, or should it have been "trapped" or something along those lines?

Either way, I'd exit through the hole in the floor, or I'd step through the looking glass, or I'd cast a Teleport spell, or I'd bash through the flimsy wall with the table.

Or, perhaps I'm trapped in the reflection of the mirror, which is pointed at a section of the room with a table but no doors or windows, so I'd point the mirror at the door and walk out.

ery said...

aw, the only one i KNEW was #2 :(
can they technically "lock" you in a room that has no doors? how'd you get in there in the first place?
it's probably a play on words?

Reverend Mike said...

1. A coin...
2. A shadow...
3. A map...
4. ?...
5. Break the furniture and use the pieces as improvised weapons to damage your way out...unless you can make the Break DC for said walls...

Definitely enjoy these riddles...

Storyteller said...

Catdragon: 2 is correct, as is 4, though it's not necessarily GIANT!

James: Correct! 1 is a coin! Good question on the lockage. I suppose you would just be trapped...

Flashman: Close enough on 3, it's a map.

Ery: Yes, the answer to the final riddle is all wordplay, making it near impossible to get normally.

Reverend Mike: Correct! Well done sir. Except for the improvised weapon bit of course, it's a tad more complicated then that :)

Scott said...

#5: Pick the lock and leave, of course.

Ian said...

Is the last one a room without a ceiling that you can climb up on the table and get out of?

:) haha

Andy said...

For #5 I'm thinking that I'm something like a bureau or chest so I'd probably escape with when the thief takes me out of the room.

Josh said...
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Josh said...

I looked in the mirror, I saw what I saw.

I used the saw to cut the table into halves.

Two halves make a hole.

I escaped through the hole.

(Alternately, you could just teleport out)

Storyteller said...

Josh: Correct! Good guesses all!

flashman85: You could also call #3 a "map" but we don't want to get TOO technical (hehehe).

Glad you all enjoyed the riddles!

Patrick said...
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