Monday, September 22, 2008

LARPing: A Weekend In Pictures

Just got back from Steam & Cinders last night, and am happy to say it was a successful weekend. For those of you not familiar with what I'm talking about, Steam & Cinders is a LARP - or Live Action Role Playing game - that I work as a senior staffer for. You can learn everything you'd like to know (and probably more) about LARPS from my RPG posts. Specifically this one.

As a senior staff member I get to create and run plots, which is tons of fun. This weekend I got to play a Fire Spirit, a wacky chief engineer, and a native huntsman ritualist, not to mention the dozens of other things I found myself playing as the weekend went on. I may speak more about the event later, but for now, enjoy some pictures!

A Balihu vs. an Aniyonema. Who will prove victorious?

A scavenger and a diplomat out for a walk.

Yes, yes that is a Steampunk Watercooler.

A Jhandihari Merchant and an Aniyonema Totemic pose.

A chemist studying her notes...

As a last note, everything looks better in Sepia. That is all.


Tyler said...

hmmmm, a facebook photo gank methinks...

The Acrobatic Flea said...

"A steampunk watercooler" - that has to be the coolest accessory on the planet! Every home and office should have one.

Storyteller said...

Tyler: Well yes. Sadly I was way too busy pwning n00bs (read: running plot) this weekend to snap any pictures of my own. All hail the mighty facebook.

The Acrobatic Flea: Welcome to the blog! Yes, I agree that it should be a staple accessory world-wide. It made me very happy when I saw it this weekend.

Brit said...

If I might say, that watercooler sure is fancy, and that lady on the right in the loincloth sure looks like she might be awesome. If only she were the one that made the watercooler, she might just be my dream lady.

Cough Cough.

-Some random dude. Not Brit. No way.