Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Gamebuilding #2: The Beginning

Three years earlier...

Sunday, May 4th, 2010
Dear Diary,

I suppose I should start writing something. There's a typewriter here. I don't want to forget anything. I don't want to forget a single thing.

We arrived a few hours ago.

The man behind the Hostel's counter smiled at us. It was like that was all he could do. He was of the overweight sort, with thick glasses, and a rather large stain that looked not unlike Florida on his shirt. He looked over his glasses at us. The seven of us. We'd signed in our names, we'd taken our keys, and now we were sitting - like it was preschool all over again - in a nice little semi-circle. It was morning when the last of us arrived. He was bleeding from the shoulder... maybe he ran into those... things I saw.

"Welcome EClass Phasers to the D26 Hostel." The man began, reading through his impossibly thick glasses from a slightly yellowed piece of paper. He had a grin on his face. The man with the bleeding arm chuckled slightly. It was an angry and insincere laugh. Dark, like this whole damn place.

"As you are probably already aware, you are no longer within your city, state, or planet of origin. You are currently located directly in the center of District 26, within the city of Other. This Hostel is the designated gathering place for all EClass Phasers within the boundaries of Othercity, due to the aforementioned Phasers most commonly arriving in the aforementioned district."

"We would like to personally extend both a welcome and our condolences for your current state of affairs. We assure you that, had we the capabilities to return you to your homes, we would do so. The electrical anomalies which we believe initially induce the Phase Pulses are still being researched by our top Kienta scientists. I am afraid that we are unable to offer any explanation as to why you have been called to Other, as research in this area is slow. We do of course sympathize with your situation however, and will try to make your stay in Other as comfortable as possible."

"Our initial studies show that, at any one time, there will be a maximum of seven EClass Phasers in Othercity. From here on out, you will all have access to private rooms within the D26 Hostel, and to basic meals three times daily. These meals will be delivered to the aforementioned Hostel every morning at First Light. You may quickly find that you are unaccustomed to life in Other, and for this reason it is suggested that you stay within the aforementioned Hostel at all times, as it will be your only guaranteed Safe Zone within the city."

Other can be a dangerous place, even for those used to it, and while Phasers are granted certain liberties within Other, your safety on the streets - especially during Dark Hours - is not guaranteed. Keep in mind that you are of course free to move about Other if you wish and are certainly not forced to stay in your predesignated Hostel, or even in your predesignated district. These are simply suggestions."

"What we do guarantee is that research is being undertaken even now to find a way for you to return home. We ask for your patience in this, as such research is slow - due to the potential danger it holds for our scientists. We hope that, in the meantime, your accommodations will prove comfortable. Welcome to Other, and have a nice day."

We had so many questions. But all he could say for himself was "Who wants breakfast?" None of us were hungry, but all of us ate. My first and last breakfast in this damn place if I have anything to say about it... He said he would answer some questions after we rested for an hour or so. I'm not tired. None of us are I'm sure. Soon, we'll get some answers. Soon, we'll be home.

I'm sure of it.

~Kayla Bradford


Reverend Mike said...

Hmm...this intrigues me slightly...

I'm wondering where this is going...

Storyteller said...

reverend mike: Me too! It's a work in progress, even I don't know really where it's going yet haha!