Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Use This Tavern!

Don't have time to create a tavern? Use mine!

The Silver Harp Tavern

The Silver Harp Tavern is often a way station for travelers, probably due to the fact that not only is it run by a pair of adventurers, but it also bears a large sign to the side of the door proclaiming “Adventuring Parties Welcome! Good Food! Warm Beds! Tasty Rumors!” The main chamber is an upscale dining hall with five large tables, a fireplace on the western wall, and a lifted stage to the east.

There always seems to be music playing the tavern, whether or not a performer is on stage. The floor is made of polished wood and the walls are covered in tapestries which depict various exploits of the two owners in their adventuring days.

This main chamber could fit between 20-30 people fairly comfortably, though it is often filled to a 50 person capacity if a well-known bard or storyteller is to be performing.

A long bar stretches along the back wall with a rather cheerful horned man with the legs of a goat mixing drinks, with a set of panpipes always around his neck. Every table is adorned with a large round candle, all of which seem to float an inch or so into the air. In the kitchen behind the bar every so often the sounds of crashing can be heard, but still the Silver Harp is known for its amazing food.

- - -


Basic Meal………….…………….…………1g
- Carrot and Mushroom Soup
- Honey Bread
- Smoked Boar

Full Meal……..………………………………2g
- Carrot, Mushroom and Onion Soup
- Honey Bread
- Spiced Krenshar
- Common Ale
- Sliced Pear

Deluxe Meal…………………………………10g
As Full Meal except:
- Sliced Peaches replace Sliced Pear
- Halfling Hazlenut replaces Common Ale
- Salted Salmon replaces Spiced Krenshar
- Add Hunk of Mushroom Cheese

- - -

In actual blog-worthy news, I am starting a very exciting reading project. As many of you know, I made a guest post a while back on Chatty DM's blog about how to make taverns more fun.

Well, for those of you who don't know I attend Bucknell University in Pennsylvania, and just the other day I was walking past the "Bucknell Authors" display in the campus bookstore and saw a book called "The World of the Tavern".

A book about taverns? By a Bucknell Professor nonetheless! It was destiny. Unfortunately, the book costs an arm and a leg, but luckily we had one in the campus library. So, I picked it up and plan on reading it over the next week or two. Hopefully you'll see some more tavern-related posts by me in the future with this unique insight. Maybe even an interview with the Professor who co-wrote it?

Happy Taverning!


B.G. said...

Thanks for the map of the tavern. I am totally going to use it. I always have trouble making new taverns interesting and unique. I live in a city with a lot of historic bars and I have been planning to go and map them out.

Questing GM said...

Yeah. I don't know what is it with campus bookstores, they blooming expensive!

Storyteller said...

b.g.: No problem! Use it well! In case you didn't notice via the map, there is a trap door in the floor of the pantry, and a secret room on the upper floor attached to a locked office. More then enough room for plot hooks :D Let me know how it works out for you!

questing gm: Hilariously enough, I thought it was just the campus bookstore which was ratcheting the price up. $70.00 for a book? Crazy talk. I went onto and it was over 100 dollars! Yeah... library's cheaper sometimes :)

Chris Tregenza said...

Thanks for posting this. Having a supply of basic floorplans with a little bit of background is a great time saver for a GM.

I've mentioned your post on my blog, Free Tavern Settings and expounded on the whole idea of free floorplans etc.



Storyteller said...

Chris: Thank you so much for mentioning me on your blog! I'm glad I could help!