Wednesday, July 29, 2009

One Year Anniversary!

It's been a great first year here at Beneath the Screen. Even with the regrettable absence while I was finishing up my final year of school, I'm happy to see the blog still running and thriving! For my anniversary post I thought I'd take a look back at my very first post to see how I've been keeping up with my initial goals and also link to some of the favorite posts I've had so far.

When this blog started, I laid out four main topics I wanted to cover with it: Adventure Recaps, Homebrew Stuff, Product Reviews, and Getting Published. In addition, "Everything Else" was one of those initial topics, covering everything from Tips for DMing, to thoughts on the philosophy of roleplaying, and other senseless ramblings. Let's see how I did!

Adventure Recaps: With 13 recaps of various tabletop games, this worked out pretty well. Unfortunately, now that I'm out of school, I'm not running any games and have nothing to recap! All in all though, my players seemed to enjoy reading through the recaps and adding their own comments (earning XP for it of course). Once I have a chance to start up some new games, I hope to continue this!

Homebrew Stuff:
Here are some of the homebrew rules I've come up with. I haven't posted anywhere near the number of homebrewed magic items and feats I've created unfortuntely, but I'm hoping though that once Pathfinder RPG is released I'll be releasing a lot more, no doubt about that!

> Robe of Useless Items
> Gunslinger Base Class
> Leadership Feat Rules
> Dealing with PC Death

Product Reviews:
I haven't had too many opportunities to do official product reviews beyond my review of Kobold Quarterly #10. I did however do a general review of D&D 4e, and threw out my thoughts on the edition wars. I've talked to Wolfgang Baur about doing a review for Dwarves of the Ironcrags though, so I'm hoping to be doing that sometime soon as well.

Getting Published: I've been published! Two of my posts were published in OPEN GAME TABLE: The Anthology of Roleplaying Game Blogs, Volume 1! With my blog only a year old, I was so happy to be recognized in this publication, and am excited to continue being a part of it through future volumes! *fingers crossed*

I am also currently a Content Developer for Nevermet Press, a great site with a lot of system-independent content daily! My first piece with them is going to be published this Friday!

Everything Else: I've had the opportunity to write about tons on this blog, and I have dozens of ideas for fun posts to come. Here are some of my favorite posts so far:

> Alignments: The Good & The Bad
> Roleplaying With Royalty
> Moving Beyond the Backstory
> A DM's Dilemma: Dealing With Powerhouse Parties
> A DM's Dilemma: Dealing With Deadlines
> Top 10 New Dungeon Master Mistakes

Well, there's a recap of this year's high points! I hope to have many more in the year to come!

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