Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Playing With The Big Kids

Who would have guessed it? They're making a movie about me! No, no that's a lie. But I am in the spotlight today over at Chatty DM's Blog. As Chatty's gone on vacation (though I believe he may have been abducted by gnomes... they are monsters now you know...) he has welcomed a trio of bloggers to kind of fill-in-the-blanks over these past days. I was lucky enough to secure a spot.

The post I wrote over there, in all it's glory, talks about anything and everything tavern-related. My initial plan was to give DMs a tool to make their tavern adventures more exciting with some personal advice from my campaigns (my players love tavern-hopping). I was planning on dealing heavily with the concept of tavern brawls and games to keep players occupied.

As I wrote the post however, I quickly found that there was so much I wanted to write, I knew I had to draw the line somewhere. So I broke taverns down into what I considered to be their five key elements, and wrote a section on each. Yes, bar fights is one of them, and tavern games (or "gimmicks") is another. If you want to know the other three topics of interest, I guess you'll have to go read the post!

Anyways, I wanted to thank Chatty DM once again for helping me get off to a running start with all of this RPG blogging excellence. I feel like I really found something that I love doing, joined at the perfect time, have had amazing help to get here, and already have connected with a bunch of great bloggers in the process (thanks in a large part to the RPG Blogger's Network).

To name a few...

Ravyn (Exchange of Realities)
Geek's Dream Girl
Questing GM
Berin (UncleBear)
Greywulf (Greywulf's Lair)
Sektor (Musings)

Thanks all your support!

I don't have much of a post today (since I spent all of yesterday finishing up Chatty's - hence yesterday's lack of post), but I do hope that you'll hop on over to Chatty's blog and read my post there once it's up and running. I may put a post up on here later, but no guarantees! Thanks for reading! Have a great day!


greywulf said...

And a good post it is too.

Maybe we ought to pay to keep Chatty away more often. Bwahahahahahaha, etc.

Storyteller said...

greywulf: Thanks man! Glad you enjoyed it :)