Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Half Pint Adventures: Bright Kin'daile - Day 1

Half Pint Adventures is a series of diary-based adventure recaps through the eyes of my many play-by-post characters. Conveniently, they are all members of the Kin'daile Halfling Clan. The mighty Kin'dailes will be braving dungeons, slaying vampires, and generally being hilarious. Warning, these diaries contain the ravings of a sometimes inappropriate and all-the-time crazy halflings. Read at your own risk. Parental supervision suggested.

The Halfling: Bright Kin'daile
The Class: Spellthief Extrodinaire
The Lineage: Father of the Kin'daile Clan
The Trusty Steed: Boots, the Riding Dog
The Adventure: Temple of Elemental Evil.

Dear Diary,

Much too much too much riding today. Finally got to Homlett! Little town shaped like a big 'ole fish. Smells like one too! Mordikai was quiet today. New book I guess, or old book... Can never really tell with him, since he reads stuff over and over and over again all the time! I think he maybe just doesn't know how to read but pretends like he does just to seem like a smart boss man. He is though, I can't deny him that. Knows what's goin' on, that's for sure.

Brynn is a funny one. Talks to birdies and such. Well, one birdie. Clorinth or something. Florinth? Florence? Florence the Nightingale? I dunno... She's pretty though, really pretty. I just wanna pet her. Florence, not Brynn. Though she's pretty too. I guess she's already made her mind up though, since she shacked up with Mordikai last night! Woo! She's too tall for me anyways.

Traako's my roomie. He's a fun guy. Talks a lot, but he's actually got something to say when he talks, not like most people who just talk to hear their own voices. I thought I was good at talkin' my way outta trouble, but Traako seems like he'd be just as good. For a guy good at talkin' though, he doesn't do much of it around strangers though. 'Cept for that guy he kept flirting with at dinner. Or maybe it was that guy eyein' him. Human flirtation is such a weird thing.

We stayed at the Welcome Wench, and there certainly was a welcoming wench there, though not quite in the way I expected. Vesta is the innkeep's name. Reminds me of the word "vestibule" which means something like "wide opening". Maybe this wench is more welcoming then I took her for!

Then there was this other guy. Chatrilon. Ha ha. Sounds like "charlatan". I'm gonna call him Charliton tomorrow morning and see if he notices. I bet he won't cause he's a CHARLATAN! Anyways, failed to work my charms on Vestibule or Charlatan - course Brynn scared Charlatan away. He's as nosy as a stirge anyways.

Oh also met Elmo the guard. I almost called him Elbow by mistake though, that would have been bad. He not only took a drink of my ale, but went to tattle on me! I hope a halfling is this ale's keeper so I won't get into too much trouble. I didn't see any halflings on my way into town. This place is all way too tall. Anyways, Elbow was nice.

Tempted to sneak into Charlatan's room tonight and steal something. Like his pants. He wants adventure? How about the adventure of the disappearing PANTS! Maybe I could move his bed down to the common room... That'd be fun, but we've got work tomorrow. I've gotta get some sleep. Besides, I don't think I'm sneaky enough to pull of anything like that yet. Maybe with some practice... Since we've been traveling along a river these past couple days I've been using Brynn's bath time as a chance to test my sneaking so far, with great great success. Wink. Wink.

Boots got drunk tonight. Big dumb dog. I lovez him.


Bright Kin'daile, Conquerer of Pulsch Ale!

- - -

Current Party:

Bright Kin'daile - Halfling Spellthief
Brynn Lovell - Human Warlock
Traako Darkmoon - Human Swashbuckler
Mordikai Limmins - Human Archivist


suudo said...

Haha. This is great.

Stealing Charlatan's pants is definitely in order.

Storyteller said...

suudo: Glad you enjoyed the post. There will be many more to come as Bright's adventures continue. I think I may have to do the pants theft eventually. It's too good an idea to pass up!