Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Altered Posting Schedule

Some of your may have noticed a slow in my posting schedule as of late. To tackle this issue, I am introducing a temporarily shortened posting schedule. For a little while, Beneath the Screen will be posting on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. This is for a few reasons.

1. Job Hunting - Most of my time is spent these days just trying to find a job. I'm trying to move down to Boston but it's still a terrible job market, even in such a big city. Similarly, I'm also trying to wrangle myself an apartment. All of this searching is eating up a lot of time, as it should because it's important that I find employment.

2. LARP Season - As many of you know, I'm an avid LARPer. I am in the middle of LARP season right now, and will be until Halloween. This means that I'm gone from Friday night to Sunday afternoon every weekend. Typically, I need a good portion of Friday (and sometimes Thursday) to prepare for the weekend, and all of Monday to recover.

3. NO GAMES! - I'm not actually RPing right now. My summer tabletop group broke off to go back to college, and my online groups are running slowly. Normally, after a tabletop or IM game I have lots of things to write about, prompted by the session. Not having any games to play has made coming up with ideas a little harder so I've found I don't have as much to write about.

So, stick with me, and swing by Tuesdays to Thursdays each week. Also, if you happen to have an IM/Chat game I can join, or a job in your company I can apply for, please let me know!


Bonemaster said...

Don't worry about it. Honestly, I'm starting to see a slight drop in almost everyone's posting (Except maybe for ChattyDM). Of course for myself, I've been more into doing my Podcast. As I want to release once a week instead off twice a month, it has caused me to slow down on the written word. (Not to mention the work filters on proxy server are killing me!)

Storyteller said...

@Bonemaster - I have indeed noticed a lag all around the RPG blogosphere. I hope mine won't be too long.

Elisabeth said...


I just wanted to say, I just started reading your blog and I enjoy it and find a lot of the DMing advice useful. I played D&D in high school and found it fun, and ended up starting my own campaign (no boys allowed!) because I played with some jerks. Now I am tackling DMing again after years and was very nervous because of bad past gaming experiences, and also because I have extremely intelligent, creative players I didn't want to let down or have a bumpy, awkward, or just crummy campaign for. No mere hack'n'slash and nonsensically placed treasure or obvious hooks would do! I find your DMing advice indispensible and have used a lot of your tips and ideas to spark my own. I also enjoy reading the Runelords recaps just because they are so interesting. Also, I think your writing is excellent! I know that sounds like a boring comment but in the current age of L33t speak, txting, and creation of nonexistant words, I find conside, correct writing with well put phrases and a natural flow refreshing and a pleasure to read. I hope you do find a future in the RPG writing industry. Keep up the good work!