Thursday, August 13, 2009

Contests, Contests, Contests!

I'm off to LARP for the weekend, but in the meantime make sure to check out all the contests going on around the blogosphere:

Chatty DM: Yes! Please tell me about your PC... on Twitter

Roleplaying Pro: Game Fuel Contest – Win Free Stuff!

Mikes Mind: Win DM's Tracker for the iPhone

So, while I'm gone, go win stuff!


ChattyDM said...

Thanks for linking to the contest! I'm having a great time at Gen Con and the response to the contest has been phenomenal.

Storyteller said...

@ChattyDM - No problem! I spent a while working on my entry. I think it gives the best snapshot of my halfling rogue's antics possible with that many words. I WANTED to talk about how he has a theory on the fact that everyone in the city of Hommlet (temple of elemental evil) is actually a dragon, but since I couldn't attach the picture of his connect the dots proof of this theory I thought it would lose something. (

Mike Leger said...

Thanks for linking the contest as well.

Storyteller said...

@Mike - No prob! Glad to help!

Samuel Van Der Wall said...

I will complete the 'triple thank you' and give my thanks as well!

Storyteller said...

@Samuel - No problem!