Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Bloggin' Mood

Not in the bloggin' mood today. So, for your amusement, if any of you don't read Penny Arcade out there, the most recent strip they put up reminded me humorously of some of the more angry looks I've gotten from players whose characters I've killed in the past. Check it out!

If you're looking for a fun gaming web-comic, Penny Arcade is worth checking out!

As a side note, this particular strip is a follow-up to a rather ridiculous, but unfortunate article from a few days ago. Apparently, attitudes went sour when D&D gamers were fighting over a girl, or something like that... I didn't read far because it must be fake. I mean seriously, gamers with girlfriends? Preposterous! (I'm joking of course, but I am a single gamer so I'm allowed to make such jokes!)

Anyways, if you want to read the whole article, it's here!


Falyne said...

From the article, it sounds like if they weren't gamers, the hammer-wielding dude would've found something else to get pissed over.

Hrmmm. I'm not sure which is sadder: a gamer who never gets a date, or a gamer whose ONLY long-term committed relationship came from meeting in D&D. I think you know which of those was me. ;-)

Storyteller said...

Gamer romance is the best kind of romance :) Gamer loneliness sucks however!