Saturday, June 27, 2009

Back, and ready to Blog!

*Breathes deep*

Wow, it's been a while. But I'm back.

Rather then jumping right into a gaming post, I believe I owe you folks out there a slight absence apology!

I must admit a heaping portion of embarrassment on my side of the blogosphere. What was supposed to be a daily-post blog until the day I died sort of... fell by the wayside for a while. I was finishing up my college education and between my 20+ hours of class every week, and 30+ hours of D&D everything else kind of was hard to keep up with. (Yes, those numbers are correct)

But, lo and behold, I have graduated! College days are finally behind me and I am free to go job searching in this fantastic job market, sleep in, and of course - blog.

Sadly, a lack of college means a serious lack of tabletop games, but I think I'm more then capable of blogging on!

So, to those of you who thought the Storyteller was gone, think again!

Let the blogging begin! (again...)


Nick said...

If you're up north for the summer, I'm always up for some tabletop gaming.
-- Nick O'Leary

Storyteller said...

@ Nick - Duly noted sir! What games are your preferring these days?

Nick said...

My group has been playing mostly Spirit of the Century ( and variants based on that. It's a lot like white wolf's Adventure! but with slightly more story-focused mechanics. We use the engine to play in a bunch of different settings though. If there's something else you're interested in, I'd probably be up for it, but I must admit I've been less interested in D&D these days.

ChattyDM said...

Hey Storyteller, happy to see you back. I know how hard blogging can become, having gone through slumps and even a depression.

A word of advice, when you'll get a job, set aside one hour a day for blogging, otherwise you'll likely stop again...

...which would be a shame because you are one damn good writer.

All the best